Are you passionate about your local community - the community of Hawthorn, Auburn, Hawthorn East, Canterbury, Camberwell and Surrey Hills?

Already in 2022 Hawthorn District has taken a historic leap, electing its own community-backed independent to Federal Parliament.

Now, we are looking for someone special who can represent the community's values in Victorian Parliament, including:

  • Community representation;
  • Integrity in leadership;
  • Evidence-based policy;
  • Respect and equality;
  • Encouraging diversity and inclusion.

The ideal candidate is someone who is also:

  • Intelligent, with a willingness to learn and develop your own political skill;
  • Collaborative - building connections, and working to find common ground;
  • Empathetic, and a good listener;
  • Professional and capable.

Research conducted by Hawthorn Independents between June and July 2022 suggests a high-quality independent candidate who embodies these values stands a very strong chance of success in Hawthorn - and of making a difference in Victorian Parliament.

If you'd like to apply to be the Candidate for Hawthorn, simply get in touch by completing this confidential form.